General5 Things to Always Have in Your Car
5 Things to Always Have in Your Car
4 years ago

5 Things to Always Have in Your Car

Driving a car is one thing and being prepared in case of an emergency is another thing. That is why it is important always to keep your car in order. The list of things needed in a car is long, but it is important to consider the ones that are needed most. These are the things that are mandatory in case of car breakdown or during an accident. Therefore, it is not advisable to carry things that you may not need as you may end up overcrowding in your car. If you have been wondering about the crucial items you should have in your car, this article will offer you a comprehensive list of supplies for your car.

A Spare Tire

There is nothing as discouraging as when your car breaks down on the roadside because of a flat tire, and you realize you do not have a spare tire. It is always important to have a spare tire that is in good condition just in case of an emergency. Apart from the spare tire, you should also have a jack that will help you in lifting the car so that you can fix the tire. Some wheels require unique keys, and it is also important to make sure that you have the key in the car.

Jumper cables

These are also among the essentials that you must always have in your vehicle since you never know when you will have a dead battery. Using jumpers is not hard, but it is important to make sure that you practice on how to use them.

Fire extinguisher

You never know when the calamity will befall, but what will you do when your engine ignites. For this reason, it is always important to have the fire extinguisher in the car and don’t even think of removing it, but keep it safe for use.

Reflective Triangles

There are cases when your road flares burn out before you have finished repairing your car. As a way of warning other motorists, always make sure you place the triangles at the spot where the car is being fixed. You should at least have three triangles so that you put them directly in the car, and it is advisable to place the triangle 10 feet from the car and at the center of the lane.

First Aid Kit

You never know when an emergency will strike when you are driving. What if you are involved in an accident, what will you do to deal with the situation before reaching the hospital? Having a kit is the most crucial thing in the car, and must ensure it has all the equipment required. A full first aid kit must have scissors, bandages, a thermometer, gloves and many other necessary types of equipment. It is not a must, but it is advisable that you have a rough idea on how to perform first aid.


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