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5 Type of Swimming Pools you can Add to your Home
4 years ago

5 Type of Swimming Pools you can Add to your Home

Because of the exorbitant prices associated with swimming pool construction, most homeowners opt for the public pool. However there are various options of swimming pools that you can install in your home without much worry.

1. Above ground outdoor pools

If you are looking to install pools on the cheaper end, then, above ground outdoor pool is the best option. With prices as low as $500, you can have a pool installed in your home. As the name suggests, the pool is built on the ground with the foundation constructed on a clear flattened surface. Aluminum is the most common material for construction of this type of pool.

2. Jacuzzi pool

The small sizes of Jacuzzi pools don’t allow swimming but it is best if you want to relax and get a massage. You can have one installed for at least $1800. The ease of installation comes about because of its depth.

3. In-ground outdoor pools

In-ground pools are usually relatively expensive to install. It is not just the construction that makes it expensive but the pre construction practices. You have to consult with relevant professionals to make sure the area you are to install the pool doesn’t interfere with the water table. Be ready to part with more than $7500.

4. Swimming machine

Looking for a great way to work out? Swimming machine allows a swimmer to swim in one place. The machine is used mostly in therapy centers for patients suffering from bone and muscle related complications. You will have to budget more than $20,000.

5. In ground indoor pool

If you have a lot of money to spare then you can install this pool. The price ranges from as high as $25000 to an even higher $100,000. The privacy and beating the weather disruptions is the consolation you get from the hefty prices.

If you want to install a swimming pool in your home, any of these options can be a great choice.

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