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Carpet Repair Techniques
4 years ago

Carpet Repair Techniques

Carpets are very luxurious, look good and have a way of giving a house that homey feeling. But what if the carpet is damaged and you had not budgeted to but another replacement for the next few months? You do not have to face the embarrassment of having guests over and them noticing the damaged carpet when you can repair it. Here is how to repair different damages on the carpet.


If you happen to burn a small area of your carpet, fear not you can patch that area with another small piece of carpet. Also known as plugging, patching involves using a carpet knife to cut off a small piece of carpet, large enough to fit into the place that has been burnt. Carefully remove the burnt area and plug the piece you had cut earlier into the hole.


Ripples are a common problem to carpet flooring. It can be caused by moving furniture or just too much traffic on the carpet. For this problem stretching is the best solution as it easily eliminates the problem. Make sure you use a power stretcher to do this otherwise the ripples will appear as soon as you lay the carpet back on the floor. It is also advisable that you hire a professional when there’s a bigger room involved.


When the damage of to the carpet is superficial, that is the damage has not eaten deep into the carpet, you can shave off the affected parts. This works well for carpets with tall pile length such as shags.

Seam repair

Seams are the one of biggest problems for home owners with carpets. Visible seams are very unappealing and can destroy the whole look of the carpet. To repair a seam you can glue it back with a carpet adhesive.

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