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Top 4 Reasons Ice Freezes on Gutters
4 years ago

Top 4 Reasons Ice Freezes on Gutters

Gutters tend to freeze over when the temperatures drop and mostly during winter. These freezing episodes are very damning to the health of your home especially the roof. Ice dams and ice buildups are a common scene during winter leaving your roof and foundation damaged or in risk of. So what causes gutters to freeze over? Read on to find out.

1. Too much snow on roof

If there is snow on the roof, then be sure there will snow buildup on the roof as the snow slides off the roof then the gutter will act as the landing ground which will lead to. When heat escapes through the roof the snow will melt and lead to flooding of the gutter and its downspout. When there is no heat to melt the ice, the chances are that more ice will build up on the gutters making them to freeze.

2. Attic insulation

The attic is a place that needs to be properly insulated to avoid loss of heat during the winter period. When the heat escapes you, snow will melt and as it drains to the gutter, it freezes over gain leading to a frozen gutter. As time goes by there will be snow buildup and the gutter ends up detaching due to the weight of the snow.

To avoid the nightmare of detached gutters, you may need to deice your gutters effectively. This might sound like a lot of work, but when compared to the cost of repairing detached gutters or reinstalling the system, deicing is way better.

3. Improper gutter installation

Some installations tend to be faulty. Gutters need to be installed in a slightly steeping manner so as to allow proper drainage. If the tilting is not done properly there will either be stagnation of flooding depending on how steep or shallow the tilt is. Proper installation needs to be adhered to in order to avoid freezing problems.

If you aren’t an expert in gutter installation, contact an expert to complete task.  Otherwise, you might end up messing the entire gutter system.

4. Clogged pipes

Clogged pipes mean no drainage will take place and water will stagnate and freeze over. As water flows from the roof to the gutter with nowhere else to go the scenario will worsen as time passes if there is no action taken to mitigate the clog.

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