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The Lowest Possible Cost for a New Gas Boiler

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4 years ago

The Lowest Possible Cost for a New Gas Boiler

Get the Best Gas Boiler Price for Your Central Heating Installation

Thousands of old, inefficient boilers will be replaced this year in Great Britain without any help from the boiler scrappage scheme, which only applies in England to G rated boilers. A new boiler could cost more than £2,000 and a new heating system will cost anything above this.

The costs are considerable but the good news in the customers favour is that this is a highly competitive market. There are many boiler manufacturers and in most areas there are many gas heating companies looking for business. In addition, recently the work of installing gas central heating in new homes and house renovations has fallen away.

installing gas central heating

There is plenty of scope to get the best price without compromising on quality.

Tips for Getting the Cheapest New Gas Boiler Installation

In order to be sure of a good price it is vital to get as many quotations as possible, at least 3 possibly 5 or more.

A quotation over the telephone is not possible, your property must be inspected, allow 20 minutes for this.

First impressions are important, it may seem strange but do not assume that engineers will want to work for you. If they think you are wasting their time or if they think you cannot afford to pay they might not even bother to send you a price. Tell them price is important to you but do not suggest that you have dire financial difficulties.

Be flexible about an installation date. If you are willing to have the work done very soon and the heating engineer has some slack time they may give you a very good price on the proviso that you have the work done on certain dates. This will usually be within a week or two.

Buy a Cheap Boiler Online & Get a Price for Fit Only

It might not be possible for the customer to save money by buying their own boiler then finding an installer.

If the costs are the same then it will be more convenient for the heating engineer to supply and fit.

Negotiating the Best Price for a Gas Boiler Installation

Haggling and asking for money off is not part of the British culture. It may be successful but it might offend so it should be approached very carefully.

Start with flattery, ” I liked the Heating Engineer who came to my house, he seemed very knowledgeable… but the price is a little more than I wanted to spend.”

Do not ask outright for exactly the same job but with money off. Instead try, “Is there anyway we can reduce the bill?”

Wait for an answer. Then continue. “For example, is there a cheaper boiler that would be just as good? Do I really need these Radiator Valves?”

If you have had a lower estimate, then it is certainly acceptable to say, “XYZ heating have given me a quotation which is £500 lower than yours, but I really like your company, you have a good reputation. Is there any way you can match the XYZ price?”

This way you have not asked for money off, you have given the heating engineer the opportunity to drop the price.

To get the cheapest or most competitive price it is important to get a number of written quotes. In writing is important because you are able to check whether you are comparing like with like. The more expensive estimates may detail a bigger or more expensive brand of boiler or they may include additional work to the heating system.

Choosing the Cheapest Heating Engineer

gas central heating installation

The lowest price for a gas central heating installation is like to be from a local company, especially a sole trader who might not be VAT registered.

Check that the gas engineer is suitably qualified to do the work, they should be registered and you should be able to check references. Find someone with a good reputation who has worked in the local area for a number of years.

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